Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management of Medical Device Components and Assemblies.

Biomerics NLE’s extensive use of automation, vision systems, SPC methods and validated processes make us ideally suited for the demanding requirements of contract manufacturing in the ever-advancing medical device industry. Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 13485 and our focus on process validation insures that we are the right partner as a tier one supplier for your organization.

Corrosion Resistant Laser Marking and
Fast, Cost Effective Calibrated Banding

Marking and engraving can be performed on both flat and curved surfaces, as well as a variety of unusually shaped objects. We have systems exclusively for calibrated banding of cylindrical components, which has been a growing demand from our medical products manufacturing customers.

Custom Designed Robotic and CNC equipment

Biomerics NLE has also developed our own CNC and robotic motion systems for improved processing of components and assemblies. Welding, marking and engraving can be performed by automated and semi-automated systems. Vision directed targeting results in consistent results and eliminates human influenced error.

Other specialties include:

  • Medical Device Components and assemblies
  • Swiss/Laser Machining of Cannula and Tube-based components
  • Medical Guide Wire marking
  • Robotic Surgery components and assemblies
  • Dental Burr and Drill marking
  • Surgical sub-assemblies
  • UDI marking of medical instruments (with verification capabilities)

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