January 1, 2011

Northeast Laser and Electropolish Integrates Industrial Robot with Industrial Laser Marking System

Northeast Laser recently completed the conversion of a laser marking operation from semi-automated to fully automated through the use an industrial robot.  The robot is used to singularly grasp and load a wire product from a bulk grouping of wires into the laser marking operation.  The robot efficiently and reliably performs this operation up to 30,000 cycles per week.  This automation has resulted in a significant cost reduction that was shared with the customer.  Employees previously loading the wires into the laser marking operation have been re-assigned to other higher value, more interesting functions, with less potential for repetitive motion injuries.  The installation of the robot is another example of the continued, efficient growth that the company strives for.  A second industrial robot has been purchased and is in development for a similar integration planned for the first half of 2011.

Northeast Laser and Electropolish provides laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, electropolishing and passivation services to a wide range of companies throughout the United States and abroad.  The company is well known for quick turnaround, high quality, outstanding customer focus, and the ability to take on both high and low volume projects, whether technically routine or challenging.