June 30, 2011

Guide Wire Marking and Coating Ablation Advancements

Northeast Laser has developed two custom systems for efficiently laser marking guidewire products with consistent high quality.

In response to customer needs for cost effective marking of guide wire products, Northeast Laser has developed and is running (in high volume production), two custom guidewire laser marking systems.  The systems allow for consistent high quality marking and coating ablation on guide wires ranging in length from 50 cm to 175 cm and ranging in diameter from 0.010″ to 0.030″, with no tooling changes and minimal setup/changeover time.  Marking and coating ablation quality is consistent over the length of the wires, and tolerance on marking location and sizes can be held as tight as ±0.002″.  The systems handle a wide range of guidewire core materials (and coatings) including Nitinol and stainless steel.

Northeast Laser and Electropolish provides laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, electropolishing and passivation services to a wide range of companies throughout the United States and abroad.  The company is well known for quick turnaround, high quality, outstanding customer focus, and the ability to take on both high and low volume projects, whether technically routine or challenging.