Micromachining: Primary Processes

Biomerics NLE specializes in the most challenging micromachined components, including those used in interventional and medical robotics applications. State-of-the-art equipment and measurement systems ensure precise and accurate results, all under a certified ISO 13485 quality management system.

Multi-axis Milling/Turning

We utilize 5-axis milling machines capable of producing complex finished components without the need for secondary operations, all while holding extremely tight tolerances on wide range of part configuration from small to micro in size. Our compliment of 16 Willemin-Macodel milling machines will grow to 20 by the end of 2021 and to over 24 by mid-2022 to meet the ever increasing demand for both production and prototype programs from our expanding customer base.

Swiss Screw Machining

In addition to Swiss machining with integrated laser cutting (ideal for tube based components), Biomerics NLE also offers traditional Swiss screw machining capabilities, which allows for efficient prototyping and production on a variety of components where this technology is ideal. Repeatability, accuracy, and reduced machining time are some of the reasons to consider Swiss machining when possible.

Secondary Processes

Wire EDM

The EDM process is ideal for creating fixturing and allows Biomerics NLE to produce parts that require features that are either difficult or too costly to produce effectively using alternate methods. Wire EDM is an exact process capable of holding extremely tight tolerances, as well as improved accuracy and surface finish.


Microblasting technology allows operational flexibility to finish parts that may have difficult to reach areas. It also allows for a wide range of abrasives and adjustable flow concentration of media which allows for the creation of a consistent, repeatable finishing process.