Laser Welding

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Biomerics NLE provides fully and semi-automated pulsed and CW laser welding services

We specialize in joining medical, industrial, sensor and consumer product components – from R&D to production. CNC multi-axis and robotic laser welding workstations provide precise joining of a full spectrum of precision assemblies.

Northeast Laser fully supports our welding technology with inspection equipment that includes sample sectioning and preparation, pull testing, helium mass spectrometer leak detection, as well as full metrology capabilities. Biomerics NLE will satisfy your company’s R&D and high production laser welding requirements – quickly, efficiently and with consistent quality.

Modular Laser Weld Stations

Our modular weld stations are built on a platform that is capable of being rapidly reconfigured for a variety of applications. These weld stations are ideal for small to medium runs where precision and repeatability are required. Beam spot diameter and power levels are fully adjustable to accommodate everything from the most delicate application to deeper penetration welds.

CNC Automated Weld Stations

Our CNC automated weld stations are custom designed to handle larger runs, with on board vision for precise joint detection and weld path correction. With a variety of laser power supplies, Biomerics NLE is capable of optimizing weld parameters for cost-effective processing of your components. In addition, our experience with laser technologies, joint design, parts handling, motion control, fixture design, metallurgy, production control and quality systems means that your production needs will be met accurately, efficiently and at competitive pricing. Our experienced production and engineering departments will respond quickly to prototyping, tooling and production requirements.

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