Contract Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

Contract Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

High quality results • Validated processes • ISO 13485 Certified

Contract manufacturing and supply chain management have grown into the largest segment of Biomerics NLE and we are a tier supplier to more than six of the top twenty medical device OEMs.

Our laser/swiss cutting and machining capabilities, when added to our welding, electropolishing and marking expertise, means that many of your in-house or outsourced assemblies and sub-assemblies can be made complete at Biomerics NLE – saving you both time and expense. Validated processes ensure that you can count on consistent performance and quality, and a robust vendor quality management system ensures traceability and reliability. We can even take on your qualified sub-tier suppliers to ensure a smooth transition.

Highly Experienced Staff

Biomerics NLE employs experienced, degreed engineers in many of our key positions, including production, quality, facilities, sales and marketing. Our engineers have extensive experience in areas such as:

  • laser systems
  • motion control
  • welding
  • metallurgy
  • quality assurance
  • facilities planning
  • production control
  • graphic design
  • and more!

Some of our Specialty Areas

Medical Specialties

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Industrial Specialties

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High Value Items / Precious Metals

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