Streamlined operations. Unique capabilities. Unmatched Value.

We specialize in laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, swiss machining, metal finishing and electropolishing. As a direct contract manufacturer or tier one/tier two service provider, our goal is to function as an extension of your operation.

Laser Welding

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Laser Marking

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Swiss Machining/Laser Cutting

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Electropolishing & Passivating

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Contract Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management

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More about what Biomerics NLE can do

Process Validation

Biomerics NLE has the capability to design and execute validations to ensure the reliability of our processes.  We will work closely with your engineering and quality personal to ensure quality and consistency.

Laser Marking & Engraving, Swiss Machining/Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, Electropolishing & Passivation all under one roof

Our customers benefit from our multi-process operation by slashing lead-times without sacrificing quality.

Vision directed automated welding and marking

Computer-controlled workstations with vision capabilities minimize human error and maximize throughput and consistency.

Accurate, cost-effective Calibrated Banding on Stainless Steels, Nitinol, Titanium, Teflon®

Over the years, Biomerics NLE has designed and built some of the most innovative proprietary equipment in the industry. This equipment allows us to offer the most competitive pricing for banding trocars, cannulae, guide wires and a multitude of other products.

Proprietary Corrosion Resistant Marking

Biomerics NLE has been offering this service for over ten years, with outstanding results in the field. Make no mistake, Biomerics NLE is the leader in this service, and we urge you to compare our results against anyone who makes the same claim.

Laser Abrading

An alternative to conventional bead blasting. Texture can be applied to tubular products effectively and precisely with this laser-based, non-contact process. No media used, no post cleaning required – that means pricing is competitive even to in-house bead blasting. Get precise placement on curved or flat surfaces, selective areas without masking, computer controlled surface finish. Ideal for high-volume components or for parts to be insert molded.

Automated Indexing and Parts Handling

Biomerics NLE designs and builds custom automatic and semi-automatic equipment to effectively handle medium to high volume orders, up to 50,000 pcs per day.

Deep Engraving (0.05 to 0.030+”)

Biomerics NLE utilizes some of the most powerful fiber and lamp-pumped laser markers available. This allows engraving depths normally offered only by mechanical process, but with far greater detail and in most cases, a significant cost savings.

Large-Field Marking

Biomerics NLE has co-developed steered-beam, large-field markers capable of engraving over areas as large as 900 sq. inches (30″ x 30″) with amazing detail.