Contract Services

Laser Marking:

Laser Marked Banded Tubes Dark Laser Engraving on Brass 0.060 Needle with Laser Marked Ecogenic Bands
Laser Marking on Aluminum Ring Laser Engraved Aluminum Business Cards Laser Marked Calibrated Banding on Tubular Components

Laser Welding:

Laser Welded Tube Ferrule Butt Laser Weld - Magnified 10x Circular Fillet Weld - Magnified 10x
Circular Laser Weld - Magnified 10x Seam Laser Weld - Magnified 60x Laser Welded Lamination Stack

Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Tube Sample #1 Laser Cut Tube Sample #2 Laser Cut Tube Sample #3
Laser Cut Tube Sample #4 Laser Cutting System Laser Cutting System

Electropolishing & Passivating:

316L SS Tubes Electropolished and Laser Welded Pointed Cannula - Before and After Electropolishing Electropolished Dental Drills
Electropolished Hooks Before and After Electropolishing Electropolished Shaft - Magnified 20x

Northeast Laser Offers Laser Abrasion Services as an Alternative to Bead Blasting


Laser abrasion provides significant benefits for adding texture to limited areas of tubing or other round stock products versus traditional bead blasting.  Northeast Laser is able to offer these services cost effectively using high speed lasers and semi-automated parts handling equipment. 

Laser abrasion is particularly well suited on parts made from thin wall or ultra thin wall tubing.  The process is non-contact and will not deform delicate tubing walls.  In addition, the process yields far superior torsion and pull-out strengths for over-mold applications at the same measured surface finish values when compared to glass bead blasting.  Surface finish measurements are consistent part to part and throughout the entire abraded area, and the process will hold tight location tolerances for the start and end locations of the abrasion.  There is no custom tooling required, setup times are short, and the process does not carry the risk of impregnating contamination into the material surface. 

Northeast Laser and Electropolish provides laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, electropolishing and passivation services to a wide range of companies throughout the United States and abroad.  The company is well known for quick turnaround, high quality, outstanding customer focus, and the ability to take on both high and low volume projects, whether technically routine or challenging. 

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