Laser Marking


Laser Marked Banded Tubes Laser Marked Banding on Titanium Dee[ Laser Engraved Mold Cores
Laser Marking on Aluminum Ring Laser Bead Blasted Tubes Laser Marking on Acrylic Labels


Laser Marked Medical Components Laser Marked Dental Drills Laser Marked Medical Screw Gauge
Laser Marked Precise Calibrated Banding Laser Marked Calibrated Banding on Tubular Components Laser Marked Stainless Steel Bone Reamer w/Calibrated Bands

Panels & Dials:

Laser Engraved Calibrated Dial Laser Engraved Calibrated Dial Marking Dark Laser Engraving on Brass
Laser Engraved Precision Perimeter Marking Laser Marked Large Sized Panel Marking Deep Laser Engraved Dial

Ad Specialty & Promotional:

Laser Engraved Wooden Key Chains Laser Engraved Nail Clippers Laser Marking on Anodized Aluminum
Selective Gold-Plating on Silver Highly Detailed Laser Engraving on Wood Decorative Laser Marking

Laser Marking & Laser Engraving

From complicated medical and industrial products to promotional and highly decorative items, 25 high-speed YAG and CO2 laser systems enable NLE to provide precise quality control and job flexibility. Three shifts of operation result in unmatched capacity and rapid turn-around!

Laser marking or engraving is a computer-driven, environmentally friendly alternative to silk screening, pad printing, stamping, mechanical engraving, chemical etching, and many other costly, lower quality processes. Our high-speed non-contact process provides superior quality, permanence and design flexibility. Laser marking can achieve accuracy in small detail engraving unmatched by any other engraving method.

From ten to ten thousand, precision computer control means that your last production piece will look as good as the first!

Please visit our laser marking terminology page and explore the different types of laser marking that NLE offers.  Read more about the different laser marking types...

Medical Device Manufacturers: Check out our corrosion resistant marking for medical and surgical components. Read more about our proprietary corrosion resistant marking process...

Laser Marked Precision Calibrated Banded of Tubular Components

Northeast Laser specializes in precision calibrated banding of tubular components, including thin wall and small diameter tubing. Read more about our calibrated banding process...

Laser Engraved Solid Gold Lord of the Rings Collector RingNortheast Laser was chosen to engrave the solid gold collector series rings for the "Lord of the Rings" movie series.

We also laser engrave wood products with exceptional results! Read more about our wood laser engraving process...