Laser Marking


Laser Marked Banded Tubes Laser Marked Banding on Titanium Dee[ Laser Engraved Mold Cores
Laser Marking on Aluminum Ring Laser Bead Blasted Tubes Laser Marking on Acrylic Labels


Laser Marked Medical Components Laser Marked Dental Drills Laser Marked Medical Screw Gauge
Laser Marked Precise Calibrated Banding Laser Marked Calibrated Banding on Tubular Components Laser Marked Stainless Steel Bone Reamer w/Calibrated Bands

Panels & Dials:

Laser Engraved Calibrated Dial Laser Engraved Calibrated Dial Marking Dark Laser Engraving on Brass
Laser Engraved Precision Perimeter Marking Laser Marked Large Sized Panel Marking Deep Laser Engraved Dial

Ad Specialty & Promotional:

Laser Engraved Wooden Key Chains Laser Engraved Nail Clippers Laser Marking on Anodized Aluminum
Selective Gold-Plating on Silver Highly Detailed Laser Engraving on Wood Decorative Laser Marking

Medical Components

Leaders in:

Stainless Steel Reamer Laser Marked with Calibrated BandsMarking of medical and surgical components is a large part of our business at Northeast Laser & Electropolish. We understand the needs of our customers and are committed to keeping pace with this ever-advancing field. NLE has developed our own proprietary process for corrosion resistant marking of medical components. This process passes ASTM F1089-02 (Standard Test Method for Corrosion of Surgical Instruments) on 304, 316, 17-4 and 17-7 stainless steels! Find out more about our corrosion resistant laser marking...

Laser Marked Calibrated Banding of Cylindrical ComponentsNortheast Laser has also developed our own CNC linear and rotational motion systems for improved processing of components. Marking and engraving can be performed on both flat and curved surfaces, as well as a variety of unusually shaped objects. We have even designed a system exclusively for calibrated banding of cylindrical components, which has been a growing demand from our medical products manufacturing customers. Read more about our calibrated banding process...

Current Applications Include:

  • Medical Components
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Implants (both metal and engineered plastics)
  • Calibrated Banding
  • Corrosion Resistant Laser Marking (proprietary process)
  • Bone screw identification (stainless and titanium)
  • Serialization
  • Bar-coding

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