Laser Marking

Calibrated Banding

Laser Marked Banded Tubes Laser Marked Calibrated Banding on Tubular Components Laser Marked Calibrated Lines on 17-4 SS Medical Instrument
Laser Ablated Coating on Stainless Steel Tubing Laser Marked Banded Item Laser Marked Banding on Titanium
Laser Marked Calibrated Bands Laser Marked Calibrated Banding on Tubular Medical Components Laser Marked Banding on Nitinol Guide Wires

Calibrated Banding

Northeast Laser specializes in precision calibrated banding of tubular components, including thin wall and small diameter tubing.

Recognizing the need for this service, especially in the medical components field, NLE has designed and developed proprietary equipment to efficiently mark guide wires, cannulae, harvesters, shafts and just about any cylindrical or tubular product. Adding numbers or characters to identify bands is also no problem for our equipment. NLE also has experience banding Teflon©, Teflon coated, or anodized parts.

The photos to the left, show just a small sampling of the millions of banded components we typically mark each year. Click on any image to see a larger version.

Please contact us with your banding application and see just how economical this service can be.